Can pregnant women fly by helicopter?

Helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro are sought after by all types of people and, in general, there are no major problems or contraindications. However, some cases deserve special attention, such as pregnancy. To find out if it is possible to take tours or even helicopter trips during this time, the woman should consult her obstetrician.

Only the doctor can tell if the pregnant woman is in health condition to do the tour, without being a danger to the baby. In general, the recommendation is to avoid air travel during first 3 months of gestation and after 36th week. However, it is important to note that this varies according to health conditions and characteristics of each pregnant woman.


If the doctor releases the pregnant woman for a helicopter ride, he will likely list several precautions, such as the proper seatbelt use, the importance of hydration, and the care of sun exposure that may occur during the ride. So, if you are pregnant and want to take a helicopter ride, consult your doctor first.