Does the Helicopter tour cause motion sickness?


Do you feel dizzy seeing the picture above? Many people feel sick because of situations that put them in different motion, as when travelling by boat, plane, helicopter or even inside buses or cars. This is called motion sickness., or popularly known as motion sickness.

To know if our body is in motion the brain needs to receive 3 information, one comes from hearing, another from vision and the third from proprioception. This last, least known by people in General, is responsible for our concept of space and time. For example, proprioception is what we’re capable of touching the nose or ears, even with our eyes closed.

When our brain receives information unconnected from one or more of these three systems causes the nausea. This is very common when you’re in a vehicle, because even though our body is at rest (usually we’re sitting in the car or plane) we are in motion relative to the external environment. That’s exactly what causes a mess in our brain, and therefore, we feel nausea.


Who can have motion sickness in trips?

All people are prone to experience this type of discomfort, but there are some risk factors that make them more vulnerable. For example, women tend to be more sensitive than men, but some men may still feel sick during flights. Other people who are in the “risk group” are: pregnant women, those who already suffer from labyrinthitis, migraines or anxiety, and children over 2 years old.

To give you an idea, most people who suffer from motion sickness have attacks in ship travels, as they usually stay on their feet longer. The incidence is lower in trips that we are seated most of the time, as in car, bus, airplane and helicopter trips. However, there is always the possibility.



What to do to avoid getting sick in the helicopter?

Although the number of people who experience nausea during helicopter rides is small, this possibility does exist. If you have any of the features listed above, contact your doctor and ask for a medication to help prevent it.

There are some medicines that can be bought easily in drugstores, but like any other medicine, it is best to ask a doctor which is best for you. Pregnant women should take extra care and always ask the obstetrician whether they can fly by helicopter or plane.

An interesting tip during the tour is trying to send by vision the same message the brain will receive from hearing. To do this, try to look at the horizon and enjoy well to admire the landscape outside. Looking at fixed points inside the helicopter will confuse your brain and cause nausea. The same goes for travel by car, ship or plane. By the way, that’s exactly why pilots and drivers do not have problems with motion sickness.



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