We follow the strictest safety standards and keep our documentation always up-to-date. Check below.

All our pilots are accredited by The National Civil Aviation Agency (local acronym ANAC) and our aircrafts go through rigorous maintenance assurance processes, being performed periodic and predictive maintenances in accordance with the rules and laws governing the sector. Our customers can request the whole documentation to verify it.

Yes. According to the regulation, every helicopter shall only be authorized to fly after presenting the amount of fuel required to accomplish the route and enough fuel to fly for more 20 minutes in case of emergency situations.

Yes. To ensure a better view of landscapes and better fotos, it is possible to fly without one door. However, passengers cannot take loose items that can fall off.

Yes. Many flights are performed this way to ensure, for example, good photo quality. All passengers wear a seat belt and there is no risk of falling.


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