Foto divulgação – Pôr do sol no Rio de Janeiro


Before saying “yes, I accept” and making the vows and promises of marriage before an authority, friends and relatives, you must ask for your loved one’s hand. And this is, with no doubt, one of the most important and memorable moments in a couple’s life. Therefore, the date, the ring, the place, the time, and all details of that moment are very important.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous cities of our country and we can say it is also a very romantic place. With beautiful beaches and paradisiacal landscapes, it is easy to find an appropriate place to ask for the loved one’s hand in marriage. To help you with some ideas, we have thought of 5 tips and cool places in the wonderful city.


O Rio de Janeiro é uma das cidades mais famosas do nosso país e podemos dizer que é também um local muito romântico. Com belas praias e paisagens paradisíacas, fica fácil encontrar um local apropriado para pedir a mão da pessoa amada em casamento. Para te ajudar com algumas ideias, pensamos em 5 dicas e locais bem legais na cidade maravilhosa.

1 “Real Gabinete Português” (Royal Portuguese Reading Room)

If your girlfriend or boyfriend is passionate about books, a great idea to surprise her/him is going to the Royal Portuguese Reading Room. Founded by Portuguese immigrants, about 15 years after the independence of Brazil, the “Real Gabinete Português” was aimed at preserving Lusitanian literature inTupiniquim lands. Its collection has more than three hundred thousand works, including some original pieces, such as “Princeps”, from Camões.

With an exuberant and breathtaking architecture, the place, by itself, will already be a pleasant surprise. Now, to make the marriage proposal, use your creativity. One idea is to choose a favorite book, take it hidden and pretend to take it from the middle of the shelves. Fasten the ring next to a note on the first page and hand it to your loved one and ask her/him to read it.


2 “Parque Lage” (Lage Park)

Declared as a historical and cultural heritage of Rio de Janeiro, Parque Lage has 52 hectares of natural beauty and stands at the foot of the Corcovado mountain. There you can find and visit caves, aquariums, a 19th century mansion, which operates a school of visual arts, besides a charming European-style garden, being perfect for a picnic, and a special wedding proposal.

Bring nibbles and drinks, not forgetting drinks like wine or sparkling wine to give that touch of romanticism. Make a personalized cup or glass and have the wedding proposal engraved on the bottom of it. So, when the drink is finished, the person can read the proposal. It will be a beautiful and creative surprise.


3 Lagoon

How about completely changing the routine and taking your soul mate to stroll in a beautiful place full of things to do? The “Lagoon”, which sits on the edge of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, is a perfect place for this. There you can dine or lunch in good restaurants, and with a unique view of the lagoon, you can go cycling or even ride a pedal boat.


By the way, the pedal boat is a great place to ask for the loved one’s hand. Prepare a special speech and enjoy the moment alone to make the proposal and then, enjoy the scenery and everything the Lagoon offers to celebrate the engagement.

4 Prainha Beach

Making the wedding proposal in a beautiful beach and having the sunset as a witness is also a great idea. However, beaches crowded with tourists in Rio de Janeiro can halt romantic mood. But there are some lovely and hidden places that are perfect for romantic walks in Rio such as Prainha.

Prainha is located near the beach of Macumba, among mountains and the beautiful vegetation of Atlantic Forest, and is little known by tourists and even locals, being more sought after by surfers, since it has great waves. It is a paradisiacal place and perfect for an unforgettable wedding proposal.


5 Helicopter rides

Now, if you want to innovate and surprise at the same time, the tip is to take a romantic helicopter ride through Rio de Janeiro. In this incredible tour you and your love will be offered by the most beautiful landscapes of Rio, in addition to the main sights, for approximately 30 minutes of flight.

With this romantic helicopter ride performed by Comandante Nobre’s team, the couple will have included in the package a flower bouquet, a baby bottle of sparkling, a professional photographer, as well as a video editing with the best moments. Everything to make this day even more special.